First Sunday of Lent – Feb. 18,2018

Choral Prelude: Kyrie St. Cecelia Mass    Turner

Processional: Lift High the Cross CP3-314 BB18-713

Offertory:  Hosea CP3-355 BB18-666

Communion:  You Are Near CP3-446 BB18-435

Post Communion:  Restless is the Heart   Octavo

Recessional:  O God, Our Help in Ages Past   CP3-449 BB18-444

Fourth Sunday January 28, 2018

Choral Prelude: Pachelbel canon in D

Processional: All Are Welcome    BB18-304

Offertory: Beautiful Savior    CPC2-520 CP3-418 BB18-197

Communiion: Bread for the World   CP3-540 BB18-351

Post Communion:  Be Still      Augustus Lowe

Recessional: Holy God, We Praise Thy Name    CPC2-355 CP3-377 BB18-192


This Sunday we are conducting a parish survey. During this time we will have music.

Tony Gril and Glenn will play a duet and we may sing the Mozart Ave Verum.

We will need 15 minutes of music, so we migth also do “Go now in peace”.


We will rehearse:

Cantate Domino

The Heavens are Telling

God So Loved the world

How Lovely is thy dwelling place

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