July 1st: Thirteenth Sunday


Choral Prelude:  Non Nobis Domine

Processional:All Creatures of Our God and King CPC2-358 CP3-380 BB18-537

Offertory:Loving and Forgiving (Soper, Scott) CPC2-74 CP3-356 BB18-665

Communion: Pescador de Hombres  CPC2-458 CP3-491 BB18-504

Post Communion: Gaelic Blessing John Rutter

Recessional: Laudate, Laudate Dominum BB18-554

PENTECOST May 20th, 2018

Prelude: Inflammatus Est Rossini
Processional: Come, Holy Ghost CP3-301 BB18-445
Sequence: Veni, Creator Spiritus/Creator Spirit, Lord of Grace BB18-186 (the sequence comes just before the Gospel. It will be announced by the Cantor)
Offertory: Holy Spirit BB18-189
Communion: Dona Nobis Pacem BB18-202
( sung by a trio of men Jay, Lloyd and Tony Leonard)
Post Communion: Come Holy Spirit Johannes Brahms (If doable)
Recessional: One Spirit, One Church CP3-498 BB18-419


Brahms Come Holy Spirit

Sequence: Veni Creator Chant

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4th Sunday of Easter – April 22nd, 2018

4th Sunday of Easter – April 22nd, 2018
Choral Prelude: Regina Coeli Anthony Werner
Sprinkling: I Saw Water Flowing BB18-938
Offertory: Like a Shepherd CPC2-402 CP3-436 BB18-607
Communion: Because the Lord Is My Shepherd CPC2-436 CP3-466 BB18-466
Post Communion: Regina Coeli BB18-164 Line 1&3 MEN/ Line 2&4 Women Repeat whole ALL
Recessional: Jesus Is Risen CPC2-277 CP3-283 BB18-178

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Third Sunday of Easter – April 15th

Choral Prelude:  Christ is Risen    Kyriakos
Sprinkling Rite: We Shall Draw
Penitential Rite:  Kyrie
Offertory: Dona Nobis Pacem             CP3-485 BB18-528
Communion: Eat This Bread             CPC2-491 CP3-538 BB18-337
Post Communion: Go Now In Peace
Recessional: Jesus Christ Is Risen Today           CPC2-275 CP3-281 BB18-159


We will be rehearsing:

Regina Coeli   Werner
Mozart: Alleluia
Veni Creator   Vatican Graduale
Veni Sante Spiritus    S.Webbe
Ring Out for Joy   Howard Hughes


First Sunday of Easter – April 8th, 2018

Chopral Prelude: Hallelujah    L. Van Beethoven

Processional: Alleluia, Alleluia Let the Holy Anthems rise   BB 167 –  CP3  267

Offertory: Pitoni –  Cantate Domino  octavo

Communion: Instrumental

Post Communion: Agnus Dei   Turner: St. Cecelia

Recessional: Hallelujah Amen –  Judas Maccabaeus