31st Sunday – November 4, 2018

  MASS:  St. Paul the Apostle Choral Prelude: The Heavens are Singing        David W. Music Processional: Gather us In   BB303 Offertory: Like a Shepherd   BB607 Communion: Where Charity and Love Prevail   BB484 Post Communion: Panis Angelicus   #229b  Fr. Lambilotte Recessional:   Love Divine  BB474

October 28, 2018 – 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Choral Prelude: Christ is The World’s Light                        K. Lee Scott Processional: Alleluia Sing to Jesus BB732 Offertory: Restless Is the Heart                                              Bernadette Farrell (Octavo) Communion: Christ Be Our Light BB596 Post Communion: Adoramus Te                                           Dubois     arr: Proulx Recessional: Joyful Joyful BB543

29th Sunday – October 21, 2018

  Choral Prelude: Amazing Grace   by Kathleen Something   Processional: All Creatures of Our God and King BB18‑537, GC‑533, CP3‑380, Acc17‑36     Offertory: Servant Song BB18‑377, CP3‑554, Acc17‑469     Communion: O Lord, I Am Not Worthy BB18‑493, CP3‑443, Acc17‑386   Post Communion: O Bone Jesu   Recessional: The Church’s One Foundation BB18‑420, GC‑661, … [Read more…]