Seventh Sunday – February 23, 2020

Mass of St. Paul the Apostle


Prelude: Alleluia, Sing Hosanna   (Beethoven)

Processional:  Come Christians join to sing  BB#549

Prep:  Hosea  BB#655

Com:  Loving and forgiving    BB#654

Post Communion: Ave Verum  ( Charles Gounod)

Recessional:  Mozart “Alleluia”  soloist: Jin-Soo

Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time February 16, 2020

Choral Prelude:
God so loved the world   Stainer
Processional: All Hail the power if Jesus’ name
Preparation:  Lord come and save us   D’Abreo (Choir & Tony Leonard solo)
Communion:  Ubi Caritas   Rosania (BB#479)
Post Communion:  God so loved the world   Bruckner
Processional: The Church’s One Foundation

Thanksgiving – November 28, 2019

Thursday, November 28, 2019 THANSGIVING

Choral prelude: Bless This House

Processional: We Gather Together   BB#200   CP#515

Preparation: To Christ the Prince of Peace (Octavo) Montani

Communion: Gift of Finest Wheat  BB#323  CP3#526

Recessional:  God Bless America  (Octavo)

Christ, The King – Nov. 24, 2019

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

Choral Prelude:

Hallelujah:   Mount of Olives     Beethoven

Processional: Crown Him with a great deal of crowns   BB#732   CP3#324

Offertory: Crown Him with Many Crowns  (Octavo)  Montani

Communion: I heard the voice of Jesus  BB#462  CP# 467

Recessional:  The King of Kings Christ Jesus reigns  B#531  CP3#323

Choral Prelude:  Pachelbel Canon

Processional:  O God our help in Ages Past  BB #443  CP3 #449

Offertory: Jesus, The Very Thought of Thee (Octavo)

Communion: Bread of Life    BB # 321  CP3 # 524

Post Communion: The Lord Bless You    Peter Lutkin

Recessional:  Church of God, Elect and Glorious   BB #415  CP3  #501


The Lord Bless You

Jesus The Very Thought